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Production of coffee from date stones

Selective harvesting of dates

The process of producing date stone coffee begins with a crucial step: harvesting. This period requires exceptional vigilance, because the selection of fruits requires great care. The dates must be perfectly ripe and in excellent health condition to ensure the superior quality of the final product. After this rigorous picking, comes the sorting stage where each date is sifted in order to extract only the intact stones.

Meticulous roasting, the main step in the production of date stone coffee

Having collected these precious kernels, they are subjected to a strict roasting process. This heat treatment not only facilitates their subsequent grinding while also contributing greatly to the distinctive aromas we enjoy in our cup. Cooking temperatures and times are carefully controlled to avoid any undesirable alteration and to best preserve the beneficial properties of the kernels.

A man who controls the result of roasting coffee from date stones
A man roasting coffee from date stones

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