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Diabetes: this secret that Big-Pharma is hiding from you or the 7 benefits of date stone coffee.

How to improve blood sugar absorption in 21 days, especially if you are diabetic?

Be careful, not suitable for people who are waiting for a miracle from heaven to feel better!

But before telling you more, answer this quick test of 3 questions:

1. Are you one of the 6% of French people who suffer from diabetes ?

2. Would you like to discover how to improve your health?

3. Are you concerned about your well-being?

If you answered YES at least 2 questions, you are not alone. Here is my own testimony:

“At 54 I wanted to improve my physical condition and have better health. I thought I would get there by starting a diet . I also bought different expensive food supplements . I even tried these anti-diabetes patches that I found on the internet. Unfortunately I did not notice any reduction in my blood sugar .

I started playing sports more than necessary. I was able to see some results but it wasn't enough and it really tired me .

Ultimately, wasted time and money for nothing or not much, and with the feeling of having lined the pockets of all these sellers. I was losing hope and the specter of complications due to sugar invaded my mind: loss of sight , heart problems , amputation of a foot , death ... A future of stress , fear and suffering ..."


But today I want to share my experience with you and avoid these mistakes, so follow me for a moment for a little easy exercise:

For the moment, you are still stressed at the idea of finding every day that your fasting or post-meal blood sugar is always above the gram . But today everything has changed, you made the right decision and it is finally bearing fruit: you are obtaining excellent results . Your blood sugar finally reaches normal values. Feel this inner peace that validates your choice and the fact that you are on the right path to much better health . That all your efforts are finally rewarded by green health indicators. You are at peace and know that all these efforts were not in vain. May your new habits ensure you a healthier future and a longer life expectancy .


So discover the 7 benefits of date stone coffee, this new antidote

1. In addition to contributing to lowering your blood sugar, you will discover how this remedy protects against bad cholesterol in 3 weeks even if you are at risk.

2. You will understand why, many of our customers have seen their intestinal transit radically facilitated in 2 weeks, even those who have significant constipation

3. Why does this elixir have an immediate effect on your blood pressure even if your blood pressure is often high

4. The dietary fibers contained in large quantities in this beverage, i.e. 64 to 80% , have a direct therapeutic implication on obesity even if you are significantly overweight .

5. How Antioxidants Work on Free Radicals to Slow the Effects of Aging in 3 Weeks

6. Its high dietary fiber content has a protective effect against colorectal and prostate cancer

7. Its variety of flavonoids can prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases


It is for all these reasons that I want to share with as many people as possible this secret with the 7 virtues that Big-Pharma seeks to boycott : Date stone coffee

1. Very high dietary fiber content

2. Great source of fatty acids

3. Best substitute for traditional coffee and naturally caffeine-free

4. Roasted and ground manually without any additives or processing

5. Lighter with an even more fragrant taste than traditional coffee

6. Very strong antioxidant activity immediately trapping free radicals


“Suffering from diabetes , overweight and cholesterol myself, I have always been looking for the best way to improve my health indicators such as my hemoglobin and my weight . I have date stone coffee and I immediately appreciated its light and fragrant taste , identical to that of a good traditional coffee. Even today I drink 2 to 3 cups a day. After 3 weeks my fasting blood sugar level went from 170mg to 120mg with glycated hemoglobin below 7%. I of course maintained a healthy and balanced diet as well as gentle and regular physical activity. Those around me pointed out that my mood was much better and that I was no longer as irritable as before. My intestinal transit has radically improved because I was constipated all the time. Since then, I have completely replaced traditional coffee with this powerful date stone coffee , which I also share with my whole family. »

And you too can benefit today from all the benefits of date stone coffee worth

€35.97 for 750 gr, or approximately 75 cups (€0.48 per cup )

By placing an order now you benefit from this exceptional offer :

1. 2 packages purchased = the 3rd is free i.e. €23.98 for 3 packs of 250gr. A saving of €11.99

2. An immediate reduction of 33% or €0.32 instead of €0.48 per cup

3. Shipped to a relay point within 48 hours - Shipping costs extra

4. This offer is covered by warranty

“satisfied or refunded” for 30 days .

Test it without taking the slightest risk! and if you don't like it,

It's free, I'll refund you.

5. Offer valid while stocks last

Please note quantities are limited


If you really care about your health like I believe you do and want to change your bad habits, you know deep down that there are only 2 possible choices .

The first is to continue as you have always done . You try a whole bunch of food supplements, you spend your time feeling guilty and envious of those who have managed to transform their lives by freeing themselves from their bad habits. You are free to continue dreaming instead of acting.

Or you have the second choice, that of investing in your well-being , and in a future in great shape and excellent health . You are free to benefit from it now to finally find your health indicators at their best level.

If you also want to change your habits for better health, you can count on our date stone coffee with 7 benefits.

To do this, simply click on the button here


What is the delivery delay ? We guarantee delivery of your order within 24 hours to the relay point closest to your address.

How to prepare this coffee? You can use an electric filter coffee maker or an Italian pressure coffee maker. Use 1 teaspoon for a cup, or approximately 10 grams per cup. You can also prepare it Turkish style.

Associate creator of Dattesnco
Aman Béjaoui


Aman Bejaoui


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